Como muitos já devem saber, os supervisores de WC3 da ClanBase saíram. Após a saída de Sobba, os seus seguidores (Fanaspastic, Arse e Rax) também decidiram sair da ClanBase.

O portal Fraglíder não se sentiu satisfeito sem falar directamente com o Sobba, o Supervisor em maior destaque da Clanbase deste grande jogo chamado WarCraft III.

Sobba cedeu ao Fraglíder a primeira entrevista para um portal de fora do seu país natal, a suécia.

OverMind – Hi Sobba, how are you?
Sobba – Hi OverMind, im fine. Relaxing after a rough night with the Oscars on TV.

Hehe. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Ok. My name is Jim Fischer and im 20 years old. I live in Sweden – Jönköping where i study Economics. My current e-sports ”job” is Leader of the wc3 team rewind (rew) and im an ex Clanbase Supervisor.

Before we talk about Clanbase, which is the hot topic of this pleasant conversation, can you tell me more about you as a gamer and then as a WC3 Gamer?
Well i have always been into gaming. If it is not computer gaming its other sorts of competitions. I hate losing and i hate not beeing the best. That is why my current wc3 gaming situation is very bad, I suck right now. I have played wc3 since the start and i was really active on the 1on1 scene in the 1.05 patch. But now i have stepped down from gaming and i only do managment.
Hehe I understand you perfectly, I am kinda like you nowadays. I spend most of my time into managment.

Is ReW your first clan? Tell me more about your clan history in WC3.
Well i started up with some friends in a clan named Ancient Kings. Some dropped out and we joined a multigaming clan and then i have really taken my team forward all the time into new multigaming teams. I move on to next team when the old starts to fall apart and i take my members with me and recruit some new. My journey looks like this: a-K, Contra, Madbrains, almost famous, xsp, rewind.
Rewind is currently ranked top 3 in sweden (if i can make the rankings)

What are your expectations on Rewind clan? Can you give us your clanpage url?
( The wc3 team is awsome. I have had some of the best swedish players with me like Sjow and Elakeduck and i still have a kick ass team. We tried to qualify for wc3l (the best league in wc3) but got a rough first opponent in MYM and lost on the last map. But we will win it all next season.

Oh tough luck :(… next time maybe you can do it!
Of course 🙂

Now lets go to our today’s hot subject: Clanbase. Simple question: What happened?
Well i was driving home from my parents house and i started to think about CB. I realized that it was pointless for me to stay. First Eurocup was not the best league around and it was impossible to make it the best without something to work with (like money). Second Nationscup would not have been possible cuz of ENC. So all the cups were doomed.
Also the ClanBase is not the best way. They forced us to enforce rules that we thought were stupid and this made it just more painfull for us and for the teams.

I understand.
All this togheter was the reason i got tired of ClanBase. We had nothing to work with so we could not make the cups much better. I want only to be with the best.
After that I left, and thus all my other wc3 admins started to say they felt the same, so they left too. Now CB got a serious problem with wc3 since they have no admins.

I understand the problem, in fact I already had a feeling about this…
Its a shame on the OpenCup thou. Alot of teams that only play ClanBase loses their only cup… Alot of PT teams.

Rules in ClanBase were a bit too static and sometimes not ideal for WarCraft III.
Yep would have been nice if you could have changed it all to fit wc3. Like WC3L but for the small clans also.

I must agree with that. Do you have any plans for the future?
Well right now i will lead my clan forward to be the best. But ofcourse im interested in wc3 projects and i want to use all my knowledge i got from the over 1 year i had on CB into something. We will see what comes up

Well thanks a lot for all your time Sobba, it was a real pleasure.
The same here my friend.

I wish a very good luck in the future and if I can assist you anyway just tell me. :p
Hehe i will 🙂 Good Luck to you too.