Fraglider: Who are you, what is your role on the team?

Henrik Andersen: My name is Henrik Andersen, i am 28 yeah old, I am currently studying communication 😉 In my spare time I have a hobby within E-sport. Where I am a partner in a company called RITE, and we have a multigaming clan called mYm (Meetyourmakers)

My role in the company is as PR manager and overall game manager.

Fraglider: Could you tell the community about your clan and in what competitions you are in?

HA: mYm is a multigamingclan, and we are competing in well known
e-sport games like CS, WC3, BF and COD, HALO and some more (UT)

Fraglider: How much competition do you feel from the other clans?

HA: I love to compete, and we do that everyday, and is great that we are competing against other big clans in europe. I.E SK, mTw, 4K DSKY and so on. This gives us a very good chance for improving our gaming in the highest level.

Fraglider: How do you describe your clan?

HA: Our Clan is one big family with multi nationalities, that’s great imo. And gives us a chance everyday to participate at the highest level of gaming

Fraglider: Any useful tips on how to help other clans out there?

HA: well I am very fund of the concept of multigaming clans, and that it is build upon a management team. We have our administration team, which has Teamleaders/orgas to talk to everyday. The TL/orgas are the ones controlling the teams on a daily basis. And we help them where they need it.

Fraglider: What do you think about the latest patch from Activision?

HA: haven’t tried it 😉

Fraglider: How has CoD progressed so far?

HA: well I know that our COD team is training hard almost everyday, and they have showed that they mean business 😉

Fraglider: Last words ?

HA: I just want too say thx for this iview and I hope to see u all round at the big events 😉

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