“In keeping with our policy to terminate the license to use PunkBuster for GUIDs associated with hacking or interfering with PunkBuster’s operation, we have today begun such banning for violations incurred while playing CoD. We wish to stress the point to honest players to never test hacks and cheats that claim to hack or interfere with Evenbalance PunkBuster’s ability to function properly. Players who are no longer able to play on PB servers due to such bans are still able to play CoD on non-PB servers.

O que isto quer dizer…

Qualquer jogador apanhado a fazer batota, vulgo “cheats”, num servidor de CoD com Punkbuster poderá ser banido permanentemente. Não só no servidor onde foi “apanhado” mas em todos os servidores onde o Punkbuster esteja activo.