Como todos já devem saber um dos melhores jogadores mundiais do WarCraft III, o MadFrog, saíu dos SK para se juntar à equipa coreana Frienz.
O portal Fraglíder teve duas conversas com os companheiros de MadFrog na coreia, SK|Insomnia e SK|Dominator, onde foi abordado o assunto da saída de MadFrog para a coreia entre outras coisas.
Nesta primeira parte mostramos a conversa com o SK|Dominator.

OverMind – Hi Dominator. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
SK|Dominator – Hello, my name is Henrik Strøm, I am 20 years old and from norway, currently playing too much warcraft 3.

Too much? why? 🙂
Its so hard to go to school 0800 sometimes :/

Ahh I work now and believe me I understand you perfectly!
hehe 🙂

Can you make a short resumee about your gaming career in general, then in WarCraft III?
I was first introduced to gaming when i got starcraft:broodwar, played it mostly for fun for 4 years, switching a bit back and forth playing ALOT of diablo 2 hardcore, I stopped it when the release of Wc3. then started to play alot of wc3, i really enjoyed it, and found it fun, however it got boring sometimes, because of all the abuse that reigned in ROC. Clan wise, i have been playing for “The-Feared / TF” “Team sexy / t6i” and currently Schroet Kommando / SK.

What was your biggest achievment in this game?
Definetively the ability to go to korea and live there as a pro gamer for 3 months, i erally enjoyed it, and learned alot from it, both gaming wise, and as a person.

Tell me a bit more about korea. How powerfull is the gaming scene there? Can you describe it in such a way that a common european gamer can almost ”feel” it?
hmmm, i can try, but it will be hard!

lol ^^ take your time!
Korea is very special country, its very hard to explain how it is there, but some facts i got told, gaming in korea is the 3rd biggest sport there, if you compare that to your home country, the 3rd biggest sport most likely got big media attention and the “stars” in it probably appear in the media pretty often. Anyway, it was pretty weird to play the games behind a camera, I was so extremly nervous the first game me and inso played vs check and one of the human players in frienz ( either swain or rusi ).

Talking about frienz, it seems one of your teammates, MadFrog, left SK to join them! What happened?
Team intel got disbanded, so madfrog was without sponsor and frienz, recently loosing their well known undead player MR, was looking for a replacement, so as far as i know, they contacted frog, and they came to an agreement.

What is your opinion about Frienz team?
Frienz is as far as i know the most succesfull team in koera. Winning the two first team leagues, as [pooh], with players like check dayfly and leader.

Yes, they are very good player indeed.
Their next match in the team league is vs zzoa, and i think zzoa agreed to let madfrog play, in what i belive is the final of the team league

So how is MadFrog’s current situation in Korea? How can he live there just by playing?
Well, he got a new sponsor and contract with them, I assume he will play alot of games for them in the upcoming leagues. He will also have to try to focus on qualifing for the ongamenet and MBC 1on1 leagues. I dont know any details about his salary etc in the contract with frienz but remember, he got #3rd KBK, and #1 BWI. BWI alone was 25 000$, i think he survives :).

Do you think he is making the right choice, I mean in long term? Many people think all this is nonsense and that we should study and work hard to get a good ”real” job.
That is a question that will give you difference answear from every single person on this planet most likely. However, madfrog is doing what he feel is right, and i really understand him. I’m not a big fan of that ”take an education and get a job” system myself.

Inside SK W3 european team, how did everyone respond to this news? For many SK player I think MadFrog was some kind of reference.
As far as i know, if he will continue to play warcraft when he gets back to sweden, he will wear the SK tag again. He wasn’t able to help out much in clanwars from korea, as there is a big lag issue, that takes alot of work finding the right host to try to solve. And i think that on events etc, it wont matter if he is sk or not, he is still the same nice person 🙂

And what are your future objectives as a War3 gamer?
I got ESWC qualifier in early april, then norwegian ABIT cup qualifiers late april, and WCG qualifiers probably in september or august, those are the upcoming lan events i know for sure i will play. As well as SK will try hard for a good “comeback” the upcoming wc3l season, we had some problems this season, but we played a great match vs amd64 in the 5/6 spot game and i think SK is a clan you all should watch out for in the upcoming season!

In fact I already know two 4K players are coming to SK in next WC3L season. Who are they?
I’m sorry, but as nothing is sure, I dont want to spread out any rumors

Its ok 🙂 I understand! Well thanks a lot for this conversation. It was a pleasure
🙂 You did a good job.

Good luck with you and SK
thank you, good luck to you too.