A Valve lançou mais um update para o CS: Source, com bastantes melhoramentos e correcções de bugs.

Dentro deste update destacam-se várias correcções ao nível dos gráficos, nomeadamente com as placas Nvidia da família FX em Windows 98, e para que ainda tem placas antigas a correr em DX7.


* Improved DX7 graphics code path performance by up to 225%.
* Fixed key bindings for non-US layouts causing the scoreboard to be stuck on.
* Fixed barrel nudging player forever if you crouched near it.
* Made correct names appear in “attacked teammate” message.
* Made changelevel due to map timelimit happen at round end.
* Added intermission scoreboard at end of round.
* Disabled hiding viewmodel with “impulse 200” if sv_cheats is off.
* Fixed reload exploit.
* Fixed C4 sound not playing while planting.
* Stopped money icon being red on level change.
* Added C4 icon in first person spectator mode if spectated player has the bomb.
* Fixed a problem where the game would crash when run on Win98 with a NVidia 5900, 5950, or 6800.
* Fixed crash due to stacking large numbers of weapons.
* Fixed muzzle flashes showing incorrectly when switching players in spectator mode.
* Fixed voice_banmgr.dt growing exponentially