A equipa de desenvolvimento do DoD:S, com alguns membros a trabalhar também no CS:S, tem utilizado o fórum oficial de Day of Defeat para responder às perguntas da comunidade e levantar um pouco a ponta do véu acerca do que estão a preparar.

Novas armas, novos países, um motor mais complexo que o de CS:S e inúmeras mudanças têm sido adiantadas:


General :

Q: how far has the game in development so far and is it going well?
A: Well, the game is ported.. the first playtest was hilarious, but really fun. The ragdolls were awesome. Some of us are busy with other Valve projects at the moment, but soon everyone will be full-time DoD again. (m_b)

Q: When can we expect some media? Usually when we ask the answer is, there is none. But since you’ve playtested, there must be, so GO GO GO.
A: We’re not at a stage where we want to show things off yet. No idea when, sorry (m_b)

Q: So will there be a beta? (public or not) I mean 1.2 to 1.3 had a strong beta test if I recall and it went very well as opposed to previous versions.
A: My contacts tell me yes…but no dates yet and it’ll be closed as the previous two were. I have no idea if there will be a open beta like CS:Source is now. (fd)

Q: Do you think DoD: Source will require higher system resources than CS: Source?
A: No (m_b)

Q: will the player count on servers still be 32 player or will in be 40 like in css or will it be even higher? A: Possibility for much higher.. (m_b)

Q: So it is planned that you, maybe, will add more nations in DoD: Source? Like Russians, to simply own the crap out of RO.
A: It’s been talked about.. since we’re redoing all the art anyway, might as well do a different setting (not necessarily East Front) Too uncertain to even give a percentage. (m_b)

Q: What about stopsound? If the command ‘stopsound’ won’t be to included, what are the chances that there will be an ambient sound tweaker to adjust the volume levels to one’s taste?
A: Stopsound is currently regarded as a cheat in CS:S. Not sure how we’ll treat it in DoD:S (piu)

Don’t see much of a chance for any ambient sound tweaker, shouldn’t be needed. Our goal is to have most of the ambient sound come directly from the players themselves….rather than “artificial” ambience from a track. Any “distant” ambience should end up being just that, distant, quiet enough that those who use stopsound will find no need to use it anymore. (tw)

Q: What content rating are you guys shooting for with DoD source? Will we see the return of players blowing up into assorted bits from nades, even as a client-side setting?
A: the lower the ESRB, potentially the better it is for the product. That said, I believe most Valve products are rated M besides DoD.
(Holy crap what a great PR type answer that didnt really answer anything!) (piu)

We don’t really shoot for a specific content rating. We develop the game the way we want it to be, and whatever rating is assigned is what we get. If gore adds a worthwhile element to the game, it will be in.. (m_b)

Gameplay :

Q: Will we be able to see out own player model (i.e. look down and see our own feet.)?
A: You’ll be able to see your own shadow, which is something CS:S is working on now and we will probably “inherit” it (m_b)

Q: Will sprint knifing ever be brought back? What about sprint shooting (even if it’s completely inaccurate outside of like 5 feet)?
A: Sprint knifing/melee would be good (m_b)

Q: Will there be extra characters (i.e. non-combatant bots that get in the way or sound an alarm if you’re lurking about)?
A: Its been joked about, but nothing serious. Theres numerous issues that would have to be taken into account first. So for now, the answer is no. (piu)

Q: Is the player’s POV still going to be slightly tilted to the right by default?
A: POV shouldnt change. as of now anyway. (piu)

Q: Will we be walk over dead bodies and prone players without colliding into them(yes I know they can be jumped over)?
Dead bodies causing hitching is a bug that should not cross into source. As for prone people, its a good idea, but have no idea if it is even possible, so for now the answer is you’ll still have to jump. (piu)

Q: What about leaning?
A: Theres been no serious talk of adding leaning. (piu)

Q: What about the ability to boost players in dod:source? If not boosting perhaps a new animation to replace stacking?
A: There’s been no talk of changing the way boosting currently works. (piu)

Q: Any other new classes to be added?! (aside from mortar) / Any chance on new types of weapons?
A: 99% (m_b)

Q: How about scope walking? Is it going to stay as is or will it be tweaked in some way?
A: No idea. I don’t know much about it. (m_b)

Q: is the spawning system going to be the same or is will it be changed like in bf1942 where you choose where you want to spawn on the mini map?
A: Same, but we’ll try new things. One idea is we start the map as we do now, but some of the objectives/flags open up new spawn points. Capture the field to open up a paratrooper spawn point, capture the road bridge to open up a vehicle spawn point, etc. (m_b)

Q: How about the 3.1 swaying cross hair as an option? man that rocked….
A: 75% chance of multiple selectable crosshairs (m_b)

Q: Will the mini-map marking system change?
A: 50% (m_b)

Q: Will the death cam remain the same?
A: 95% (m_b)

Q:Will we be able to go from prone to crouch, and vice versa?
A: 40% (m_b)

What does the DoD team think about jolt effects?
A: I don’t see what it could possibly add to the game. ( awsner shortened, long version ) (m_b)

Q:If the DoD team does decide to add vehicles to the gameplay, will we see maps built specifically for them or will they become a neccessary part of the gameplay?
A: Don’t know yet. (m_b)

Q: Are you ever going to introduce a slow walking button?
A: 5%, since it would just be an extra button that duplicates something we already have (crouch walking) (m_b)

Weapons :

Q: Will the rate of fire for the carbine and pistols be slowed? Or at least have greater recoil after each shot?
A: Probably not for the carbine.. that’s the one thing that makes it a useful weapon.. something that makes it unique. (m_b)

Q: Will the M1 Garand fire for every mouse click? (As in behave truly semi-automatic)
A: IMO a mouseclick does not reflect true semi-auto. I don’t think we’d want the garand to be any more powerful than it is. If we gave it a faster ROF, we’d have to lower accuracy again, or give it an insane amount of recoil. (m_b)

Q: can you do the same effect as the sniper rifles in cs:source, where when the rifle is unscoped you can see a realtime reflection in the eyepiece ?
A: 90%, or maybe even something better. (m_b)

Q: How about straps on our weapons? Those models were great!
A: Strap on weapons means weapons on the players backs and stuff? If so, thats kind of tricky and has numerous trade offs visually. Right now we haven’t talked about doing it. Grenades and sidearms are easy and probable. Primary weapons are a different story. (piu)

Yeah I remember those.. cool, but a pain in the butt to animate and it’s very expensive (performance) to have so many bones. Low chance, but maybe a couple of weapons. (m_b)

Q: Will we be able to use machine guns for indirect fire.
A: By indirect fire I assume you mean to bounce bullets off walls? In that case, no. (piu)

Q: Will recoil retain the same fundamental properties? I mean, will your crosshair jump with each round fired as it does in current DoD or will it change slightly like the recoil system in CS? (sustained fire increases inaccuracy)
A: It will probably remain the same, since it’s a core DoD feature.
I would like to try something with the MG’s that encourages burst firing, though.. sustained fire decreasing accuracy (only for deployed MG’s) would be something to try. (m_b)

Q: would it be possible if you are too close to a grande and you are going to die from it could limbs be blown off like arms and legs or would that be too much as young people play it?
A: 75% (m_b)

Q: Is it likely that the 30cal will be improved to match the mg42 a bit more?
A: We are discussing new attributes for all weapons (some attributes that aren’t in game right now), to make them behave more like their real world counterparts. We haven’t decided on what if any of the missing attributes we want to include. (tw)

Q: Are you disposed to lower the mp44 recoil, like it was in 1.2?
A: Same answer as above (tw)

Q: Can we expect to see another increasing in wall penetration?
A: It will be a whole new system in Source. Better material information will allow us to do different penetration for wood, concrete, metal, flesh, etc.. (m_b)

Q: Is it likely that the mp40 and the thomson will be uncloned ( recoil, accuracy )?
A: 70% (m_b)

Q: Will DOD ever have the Walther P38?
A: 45% (m_b)

Q: Can we expect a melee attack on more weapons?
A: 90% (m_b)

Q: Are mortars planned to debut in this release?
A: 80% (m_b)

Q:What are the chances of ironsights being implemented?
A: 20%, most likely only as a graphical thing, no change to gameplay. (m_b)

Q: Will weapon coding remain unchanged for Source?
A: No (m_b)

Q: Smoke grenades?
A: 90% (m_b)

Q: will nades make your hearing go all funny like in cs source?
A: 90%, we’ll see how annoying it gets (Considering the number of grenades thrown around in DoD) (m_b)

Q: Will nades also give you the blurry and dizzy effect of Call of Duty, and most likely knock you down if you are very close?
A: Same answer as above (90% chance of adding SOMETHING to the grenades, we’ll try a bunch of things and pick which ones are cool yet not annoying) (m_b)

Q: what about cooking nades will you add a mode where you just alt fire to pull the pin out?
A: 75% (m_b)

Maps :

Q: Will any of the 3.1 maps be ported over? Namely: Heatau, Koln, Schwetz.
A: 15% (m_b)

Q: Will there be any new maps for DoD:S? Railroad2, Density, for example are good customs. Veghel is promising.
A: Um.. tough question. That all depends on when the SDK for the new engine is released. As soon as that’s out, community guys can start cranking stuff out. At the point, the process will be the same as it is now for a map to go from custom to official. (m_b)

Q: Can we expect that unpopular maps will be removed/replaced?
A: Yeah (m_b)

Q: Will there be more objects to blast around then on CS source?!?!
A: Yeah (m_b)

Q:Will the most popular maps be ported directly into source with a minimum of changes or are all maps being completely reworked?
A: More than likely just graphical reworks with the occasional gameplay change. (m_b)

Q: Do you have a list of confirmated classic maps that are going to be converted to Source? If so, what maps?
A: Hmm no.. nothing set in stone.. The popular ones for sure (m_b)

Q: Will there be more destrucable bits in maps, to give better game play?!?
A: 99% (m_b)

Q: Will we be able to use interactive objects to hurt or kill people?
A: 99% (m_b)

Physics is rad isnt it! We’ll pack as much of it into the levels as we can but there are various perf issues to keep in mind so to what degree is anyones guess at this moment. (piu)

Q:Are the destructable bits in source to be linked to motars and nades so we can blow up and make access holes in walls more randomly ?
A: There’s nothing random about how a map is built so don’t expect random holes in walls. DoD maps are generally designed to funnel gameplay and allowing something like that would alter gameplay to such a degree as being unplayable. You’ll still get places where walls and other things can be blown up to create or block exits but those are planned…not random. (fd)

Models/Sounds/Animation :

Q: Will we ever see “Medic!” and “Drop your weapon!” commands come back?
A: 50% (m_b)

Q: Is there some way to customize our own player models VIA armpatches or MOHAA-style player model selection?
A: 50% (m_b)

Q: Will there be map specific playermodels too? Heer, Panzergrenediers, WaffenSS, Trenchcoats, winter uniforms, etc.
A: 50% (m_b)

Q: Will voice commands remain unchanged for Source?
A: No, new ones already recorded (m_b)

More about voice commands :

Much higher quality – they were all recorded in a professional sound recording studio in Seattle (thank you, Valve)

They’ll sound so much better ingame as well – with all kinds of effects on the sound depending on where you’re at – in an open valley, or in a building, or in a plaza.. etc

Some were rewritten, and we also talked about having multiple sounds for each command – so like you said, sometimes it might be “Los Los Los”, other times it will be “Schnell!” or whatever. (m_b)

Q: Will we see new weapon/player models and sounds in the first version of dod:s?
A: 99% (m_b)

I’m trying to get completely new sounds in for the first release. They should be heads and tails above current DoD sounds in terms of quality. The new engine is phenomenal for audio. Expect a more hushed distant battle ambient type of feel with most of the loud booming audio coming from the actual firefight at hand. Expect a different ambient feel for each map. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on DoD sounds, I’ve forgotten how much fun DoD audio is. (tw)

Q: Will player models reflect more accurately the holstered weapons? Eg. if using a knife/grenade/pistol, the primary weapon will be shouldered unlike how it is now, as the gun disappears when not selected? Will grenades appear on the uniform (on the belt/on webbing), and if so, will they decrease as they are used?
A: 90% to both of those (m_b)

Q: will different voices be implemented based on the character you are? Ie. different voices for different classes
A: 1% (tw)

Q: The animation system in source is the same we have now?
A: The animation system is more robust in source. So things are put together a bit differently. (piu)

Q: Will we see new player and weapon animations?
A: As for the animations themselves, initially they will be the same we have now, but they will be replaced at a later date. (piu)

Q: will DoD use hunchbacks for their models like CS or stay with the current type of model???
A: DoD is not influenced by anything in CS. On another note, expect more detailed models, more field equipment on each soldier. (tw)

Q: What about ladder animations?
A: There’s some technical issues with this. As is you can walk down ladders facing outwards. So a ladder animation would look just as silly as someone running with their guns. So the answer is no unless there is a fundemental change in how ladders are used, which i dont expect. (piu)

Q: Will player models show any type of battle damage as they take hits?
A: Yes but to what degree is unknown. (piu)

Q: Will you be able to customize the face of your player (so others can see)?
A: Most likely not. It’s not as easy or low cost of a feature as it sounds. (piu)

Will there be female player models (my good friend Ski is asking)?
A: Sorry not from us. Put out a call to the custom guys though. (piu)


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