Esta entrevista é o primeiro passo da Coverage Team do FRAGLider. A CoverageTeam tem como objectivo a cobertura de eventos nacionais e internacionais, sendo a Loew o primeiro evento entre muitos.

Faltam menos de 3 meses para a Grande Final da Electronic Sports World Cup 2004, e é já no proximo dia 17 de Abril que começa a Loew – League of Extraordinary Women. O FRAGLíder decidiu fazer uma cobertura deste evento pela simples razão que algumas destas equipas poderão vir a defrontar a nossa equipa, as FraGirls.
Para falar um pouco mais da Loew fomos falar com uma “Grande” dos e-Sports, de seu nome Ana aka aNouC.

Fraglíder: Hello aNouC, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? At least for those who don’t know you yet 😉

aNouC: From all the questions people made to me in different interviews, that’s the one I never know how to answer… I’m anouc, and you can find me around gaming and specially around female gaming. That’s basically what people needs to know about me I guess, my personal life is not interesting hehe

Fraglíder: Loew – League of Extraordinary Women, is about to start, how do you feel by being the one behind all of this?

aNouC: Well I’ve been behind the Female Nations Cup, and I’ve been behind different clans (female or not), so sooner or later this step on gaming had to happen, and I think is something positive, specially for the ladies who wants to get introduced in this world.

Fraglíder: Do you think that this League will help the Female Counter Strike scene get into another level?

aNouC: I’m pretty sure about it. We have a big increase of female teams the last year. First we wanted females to play, then we wanted them to be able to teamplay and to do it for something else than just fun. Now they start to compete, and… time will say!

Fraglíder: m!sS.undaZtood , will also compete in LOEW. How are you girls preparing for this competition?

aNouC: You can imagine, I don’t have a lot of time right now. I’m doing my best for the Loew as organizer and I also got a lot to do at University. So yes, we try to train every afternoon, but isn’t always possible, so when I cant play with my team, I play gathers around.

Fraglíder: In your opinion which are the 3 top teams in the league?

aNouC: I don’t know if I should answer that as part of the Loew, because I really wish a lot of luck to them all, specially a lot of fun… and I hope this tournament helps them to focus much more on their errors as team of gamers. I can say a lot about teams like Hooked or readme.cfg because I played together with them in SK before. Also know the ladies from All 4 One, and the Spanish Teams… but I prefer not to talk about a Top 3 or so, I wish players surprise us.

Fraglíder: As I’ve read from Grégorio Machadinho interview (Here), ESWC is looking at this event as a reference to help them select some more Female Teams for the 2004 event. Once again Loew shows that is not only a League but also a “free pass” to ESCW. How do you see all this?

aNouC: Ye they will publish the list of invited teams around 24 of April, which means they will be able to use the first 2 weeks of the Loew, to check some of the teams, from whom they know nothing about (either because they are new clans or because they’ve never been in some international event where to show up).
But I want to make clear, is not a “free pass” to the ESWC, is basically a way of helping them to find out about some of the teams. Like if they are really serious to be in time for a game, if they use some voice tools (so we can check their voices and make sure they are girls) etc… But on the other hand, each team has to have a talk with the ESWC admin to talk about their achievements in the past, aswell as about their sponsors (to make sure the team will b able to travel to France).

Fraglíder: ESWC is the first international competition with prize-money in the Female tournament, do you think CPL and WCG will also follow this path?

aNouC: Last year they made a right step by introducing an only female tournament in the ESWC, not only because it was well organized, also because they trusted the teams, wanted to give some attention to the ladies, and added prize for the winners. This year there is also prize, a bigger one!
CPL seems to be already talking about “CPLGirls” stuff, but all I’ve seen was pretty focused in American teams and in Quake females; so I don’t really know yet. Since we don’t have CPL in Europe, is not easy for us to participate over there.
About WCG, they tried something like a “non official” female competition called ECG and celebrated in Paris, but I would say it wasn’t well prepared. I’m sure they got all the things needed to try it again this year, so we will see what happens.

Fraglíder: Well Ana thank you for your time, see you in Poitiers. Any last remarks?

aNouC: Thanks a lot for your interest also for the coverage your page is going to do about Loew, and of course I’ll meet you all in Poitiers.
I basically want to thank Daishi and Gabr|ella, both working with me in the Loew management, and to all the admins crew that are going to work hard the next months for all the ladies.
Special thanks to our first company interested to support the winners with 5 mousepads, Steelpad 3S.

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