Thank you for your time for the interview with FRAGLíder and it is greatly appreciated.

FRAGLíder: Who are you, what is your role on the team?

noginn: I am Tom Graham or noginn to a lot of people online. I live in England in an area called West Midlands. I have been playing multiplayer games for quite a few years, switching between UT/CS quite a lot and also times where I played UT2003 and MoH, where I joined sos my current clan. I am the match leader in sos and do most of the tactics, oh and also I built our website.

FRAGLíder: Could you tell the community about your clan?

noginn: Well, sos has been going for over 4 years now, since around 1999 when the clan first started in DF1. At this time SOS meant Soldiers of Sweden, however when more mainland European members started to join the name changed to save our souls. We were one of the top DF1 clans in Europe and quite possibly the world. Moving onto MoH:AA for quite sometime, this is where the team became a little inactive. Then I joined after ephix the leader spotted me in a public and things have now got a lot more active. Moving to Call of Duty when it was released in USA we would consider ourselves an ‘old school CoD clan’ 😉
Now we play in Clanbase ladders and cups and building as a team day by day. Our current members are:

» Defused
» Ephix (leader)
» feeks
» neok
» noginn (me)
» Rhomez
» spook

We are also trialling a few people as I write.

FRAGLíder: How much competition do you feel from the other clans?

noginn: At the moment I would not say we were one of the best clans in CoD, but we definitely could be, as proven when we have played numerous top clans in practice wars. But I think we still have a while until you will see us #1

FRAGLíder: In one paragraph, how would you sum up the [sos] clan?

noginn: sos is easily the best clan I have been in, its a like a family. Everyone is friends and we have a really good time.

FRAGLíder: Any useful tips on how to help other clans out there?

noginn: Practice a lot and remember tactics can beat clans even if you do not have their skills.

FRAGLíder: What are your favourite maps?

noginn: mp_dawnville

FRAGLíder: How has CoD progressed so far?

noginn: Since 1.1 it has changed a lot, especially when 1.2 came about. The game played very different and a lot of people didn’t like it to start with, but people adapt and now would think 1.1 was strange. Now with the release of 1.3 and 2 new maps the game is coming a long very nicely. With CPL picking it up with $100,000 prize funds this game is gonna get even BIGGER!

FRAGLíder: Are you currently looking for more members?

noginn: We are currently looking for a few new members, it depends how our trialists do 🙂

FRAGLíder: Last words?

noginn: Visit 🙂 and thank you for the interview.

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