Há um dia atrás surgiram boatos de que Dayfly e ShowTime saíram da super equipa 64AMD mas 64AMD.FreeStyle veio esclarecer todas as dúvidas através de um comunicado:

“Some of you may have heard the news that both ShowTime and DayFly have left 64AMD.

This is not entirely true, as ShowTime was misunderstood by AMD management. He was simply upset at the moment and needed some time to think. He remains not only a friend but also a team mate and we hope to continue our play for some time. DayFly has indeed left 64AMD, but his
reasoning is clearly understood and we wish him the very best of luck in the future.

”So to clarify, ShowTime will remain a member of our team. Any posts concerning his departure are misinformation. The conflict arose from simple miscommunication, and both AMD and ShowTime apologize for the misunderstanding. I myself wish to reassert my tremendous respect for
ShowTime and his meaning to our team.”