A Silicon Ice Development lançou um novo (e último) “patch” para o Urban Terror.

Este jogo sofreu várias alterações desde o seu lançamento em 1999.

Este será o último “patch” para o motor Q3.

· Fixed the in game browser
· Antiwarp adjusted so ledge climbing isn’t affected
· Displays black lines in lagometer when triggered
· Colt M4 sound decreased (2.4 version)
· Bomb mode controlled by server cvar for new/old rules (g_bombRules 0/1)
· New rules include:

2 pts for attacking team on successful plant
2 pts for defending team defusing bomb and killing all attackers
1 pt for killing defending team without planting
1 pt for defending team defusing the bomb
0 pts for a draw

· Removed laser sight from AK-103
· Kicking enabled in FFA
· Levels updated, including Algiers, Campus, Village, Casa and Dville

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