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Como detectar um cheater no CoD (Ingles)

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Como detectar um cheater no CoD (Ingles)

Postby ICE929RR » Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:50 pm

Here is my unofficial guide to detecting cheats in COD, primarily from a spectator view, however I will give some insight on how to detect hackers by enabling the same hacks server side as well.

I will go through the list of primary hacks available, and give a description of what they look like, and how to detect them. Most of your hackers use an "all in one" hack package which is activated via their keyboard. While playing, they can turn the hacks on and off, utilizing one or more hacks at a time. Here is the typical list:

Color chams: This forces colored skins on the players in the game. If you are using the hack, you will see other players as a bright flourescent red or blue color, which is very easy to pick out. The COD hacks do not allow you to see the players through walls well, as opposed to most of the Medal of Honor hacks. If you are spectating, there is really not an easy way for you to catch this.

Wire Chams: Similar to above, it forces a flourescent wire outline of the players in the game, making it easier to see other folks. You can only see this using the hack, spectating does not allow you to recognize this.

Box hack: If you are using the hack, this forces a bright, fluorescent box around every player that can be seen through walls, and across the map. Two primary ways to catch this. If you are server side, and spectating with the box hack toggled on, you will see the player tracking other players through the walls. The behavior that tips me off here is that when they spawn, they immediately turn around and scan for where the fluorescent boxes are, and head that direction. They often also immediately throw grenades in the direction of the boxes they see. From a spectator standpoint, you can look for the tracking through walls (which is harder to determine), but can more readily see the behavior of the player who goes straight to a player that is well hidden, and seems to know where everyone is all of the time. Key thing to look for is they enter a room, and immediately turn to the enemy, often in a location where you would never naturally look.

No Fog: Cheat used in the long maps favored by snipers. This hack removes the fog that stops a player from seeing other players at a great distance. This cheat is easy to detect in spectate mode, as you will see the player shooting into the fog where you cannot see anything, yet he keeps killing people. Very obvious to detect in the Valley map if you have played it. If you are spectating using the cheat, this is actually harder to detect, as you see the people, just as the hacker does, and he appears to be making legit kills. Easiest hack to detect by someone purely in spectate mode.

Nightmode: The hacker sees everything in a bright, white mode, with players being a darker color, making it easier to see other folks. You cannot readily detect this by spectating.

Crosshair: There are several different versions, but basically this puts a crosshair on the screen for the player, which is fixed. May be a crosshair, red dot, etc.

Many of the servers have a designated person that works to combat cheaters. Often, these folks have the common cheats available on their computer for spectating purposes so as to catch and kick cheaters. If you have the cheats installed on your computer, when you enable them, it forces the same view on every player in the game as you spectate them. If they are using box hack, and you spectate them with box hack on, you will be readily able to see a pattern of tracking of folks through walls, throwing nades at the concentrations of boxes, etc.. While this is an effective tool to detecting and combating cheats, it is absolutely never an excuse to cheat yourself.

If you want to be able to detect cheats from a pure spectator standpoint, follow the guidelines above. Things that can tip you off are ridiculous scores for a player, a player who seems to go straight to the enemy and find them everytime, and consistently good nades. All cheaters give themselves away eventually, be patient and watch closely. Also remember that there are many folks that are good, if you are not sure, hold back any accusations. Teamspeak amongst clanmembers, and the use of stereo sound and headphones also help players gain a significant edge over others which can explain great scores, and don't necessarily mean someone is cheating.

One last thing, the biggest cheat problem currently in COD is the use of aimbots. I wrote an entire post on how to detect an aimbot in COD which is stickied. Hope this helps, others are more than welcome to give their insight.
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